Suits That Make The Man

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You have heard that expression before. It is hoped that you are enjoying this playful expression in words. Perhaps you have also heard this expression too. While clothes most certainly make the man, the distinguished gentleman is surely something that many men certainly aspire to be. In order to realize this aspiration, high-end suits new york ny will have to be cut, made and trimmed. In order to have a few fine suits made up for your new wardrobe, you will need to get in touch with a rather special gentleman’s parlor.

Schedule an appointment over the telephone and do not feel at all perturbed. Do not be surprised if you get the sense that you are being treated like royalty. If not that then indeed, you are afforded celebrity status. Every tailor-made gentleman that can afford these bespoke services has the red carpet rolled out for him. Do not be surprised if your host offers you a fine glass of chalet whilst you wait patiently for your tailor to turn all attention to you. The folks here make you feel right at home. Your home is your castle and this is a gentleman’s castle indeed.

Measurements need to be taken. So do not be shy. Ah, that is not the mark of a man. Be bold and strong, always standing erect with shoulder back and back upright, proudly show. Be proud that you are a man. Do stand still for a few more moments. Your bespoke tailor would love to get it just so for you. Leave him to his work as he sets to work making up, cutting and trimming your fine new suits. And do not forget the silk shirts and matching ties and shoes. And when you walk downtown, just those two top buttons if you please.