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Feather Fashion Accents

Feathers are a great way to add fashion accents to your wardrobe. Think about how some pheasant feathers or quail feathers would look on a hat or somehow placed differently. It is chic and savvy to do. You can make jewelry with the feathers and even tie fishing flies. All of the interesting patterns are available for you to use.

Look at the assortments of pheasant tail feathers available online. You will find many different varieties to choose from and they all look and feel great. Hats are probably one of the best things you can make. Walk about in interesting hats with pheasant feather accents. Feel what it is like to be noticed for all those unique hats you make.

Try making jewelry with them too. There are many varieties for you to use. You can even get the whole pheasant pelts to use all the various feather patterns on those. Many types of interesting jewelry can be made and it is just a matter of being creative with what you do. Try to do many things and make all sorts of fun stuff for people to wear.

pheasant tail feathers

Aside from putting some extra money in your pocket, you could also put fish on your table by tying some nice flies with the feathers. There are so many things you can do with them that you will just be amazed at where your creativity takes you. There is almost no limit and the creative boundaries are wide open. You could even use them in sculptures or collages.

Tie the flies and make all sorts of them so you can sell them at conventions and shows. Use the jewelry you make from them in the same manner. Try to find other uses for the feathers because you will have many of them on hand to use.