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Consider Contests for Your Next Event

Contests are a great way to get people involved and excited about the conference that you’re running. Think about all of the ways that you can get people to actually be excited about what is going on. People are always more willing to be excited and engaged if they know that they have the possibility of winning something in the process. And that is something that we all want, and need, to be able to do when we start to look at the big picture.

There are all sorts of ways that you can do this. You can do a 50/50 raffle with an entry form box at any event, you could consider handing out door prizes – or you can get scratch and win wristbands at the turnstile gate. If you didn’t know that they existed, know that they are an incredibly useful and quick way to keep track of your registered attendees and help them to be able to win great prizes while they’re at your event.

entry form box

In short, the setup is like this – you have a wristband that looks like every other type of wristband that is out there for special events, but instead of just being the same all around, there’s an area that you scratch off that either tells you that you have won a specific thing, or that has some sort of a code that you can use during a raffle or something else. It’s really simple, and it makes it so that you don’t need to try and setup the whole thing on your own.

No matter what type of contest that you’re considering, you want to make sure that you look at everything that you can do to make it easier on yourself. Check out your options and figure out what is going to be best for your needs.